Dolby Vision files only picking up HDR Stream

Hi all,

I have a couple of mp4s which 2 video streams, 1 HDR the other DV and Infuse always seems to pick the HDR one (which is the first stream). Is there any way to change the video stream?

These are double layer DV files. They aren’t supported by Apple (or any media box out). They only that that will play these are the oppo players and clones.

I bought this product because it is advertised as support Dolby Vision.
If it cannot support some of them, then add an footnote for full disclosure.

I noticed that this thread has been marked solved. How was this solved?

  • Rich

If you look at the home page for Infuse here on the FireCore website here Infuse 6 - An elegant video player | Firecore it’s listed as Dolby Vision (single layer)…

Technically, I am not able to enjoy them “in all their glory”.

Is it correct that dual layer will never be supported on the ATV4K?

  • Rich

I would say yes as the only products that are distributed in dual layer are physical discs and Apple has no reason to support dual layer. Android players are the same (single layer only). If you want to play back dual layer look at snagging an oppo media player or a Chinese clone.

Some people say LG TVs will play dual layer direct from USB however I have not tested.