Dolby Vision files not triggering Dynamic Range Matching

I have a Vizio P50-C1 and Apple TV 4K on latest public beta 11.2.

Loving the dynamic range and refresh rate matching introduced in the latest Infuse. However, I am trying some test clips with Dolby Vision and the switching is not working. These are files provided on Kodi’s website as samples

Here are the links to the Dolby Vision demo files in question:

Thanks for all your hard work.

Switching to DV is not currently available, as DV content is not currently supported.

DV videos will currently be played in normal HDR10 mode.

According to my test that is incorrect–Infuse will stay in the SDR mode if that is the Apple TV UI default setting. Therefore no HDR (whether HDR10 or Dolby Vision) is being detected.

Actually, even though they have a Dolby Vision logo displayed in the video, I believe these are in fact SDR videos. My guess is these are marketing materials used to show the ‘potential’ differences someone might see with Dolby Vision. In this case, they would need to be SDR because the person viewing them presumably doesn’t yet have a DV capable TV. :wink:

Take a look at the attached MediaInfo specs to see the differences between an actual DV video and the Kodi sample. You will notice DV videos contain 2 separate video tracks.

Makes sense–thanks for the detailed follow-up!