Dolby Vision files not playing in Dolby Vision

I just noticed that none of the demo Dolby vision files plays as Dolby vision , but just normal SD files

The same file when I play with my LG OLeD B7 internal player, does plays as Dolby vision

Does infuse latest version does not support Dolby vision ?

Sorry but not currently

No it does not support Dolby Vision and it’s doubtful it will in the future (from previous forum posts). Single layer Dolby Vision… which is what the demo files are made with can be played back on a few media players however movies that are released via Blu-Ray use dual layer which Can’t currently be played back on anything other than the expensive Oppo media players.

We have added Dolby Vision support for the upcoming 6.1.4 release.

If you’re interested in trying a beta early, please let me know.

Today’s 6.1.4 update adds support for single-layer Dolby Vision.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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This is fantastic news, adding more compatibility to Infuse. What exactly does the “single layer” part mean? Are there multiple layers to DV? Why the need to be so specific?

Dolby Vision comes in two flavors: Single-layer, and dual-layer

Single-layer Dolby Vision is used by streaming services, Dolby demo files, and most Dolby Vision remux files. These are supported.

Dual-layer Dolby Vision is what is found on UHD Blu-rays. Unfortunately, the Apple TV does not support these at this time.

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Is there a marked difference between single and dual layer?

No. It’s a technical implementation. Dual layer means you have one track with the regular video stream and the second track contains only the Dolby vision video data. Single layer just merges it all together.


Ah, so there is no loss in visual quality. Great.

I assume the difference is that for a streamed movie, the client can tell the server whether or not it can handle Dolby vision media files and the server then streams the appropriate format.

On a disk, a player that does not support Dolby vision can play back the movie on the first track, but a DV player can also read the 2nd track to improve the video … so it is a way of making a disk backwards compatible with non DV players.

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I was still showing as 6.1.3 last night without any means of running a manual update check. Is it a staged roll out?

Talking about streaming and remix, so single layer, is the a way to check it ? Thanks

If mediainfo shows two video tracks then it’s dual layer. Typically you’ll only see this in ISOs.


I have .mkv with two video tracks, this mean it’s a dual layer and I only can see it in HDR. Strange, there is REMUX in the name.

Glad to see that there is at least one person who understands the difference between dual track and dual layer Dolby Vision profiles :slight_smile:

If you go to the app store on your device and navigate to the page for the infuse version you have it will give you an option to update there.

Whomever ripped it didn’t remux it into a single layer file. Remux doesn’t guarantee single layer. You’ll have to look at the mediainfo. If you have dvdlab for Windows you could probable do the merge yourself.

With the currently available TVs nope. But maybe in future you theoretically could spot a difference.

from DVDFab Devs:

Single stream is BL+RPU,
Two Stream is Main Stream HDR10 video, Second Stream EL+RPU
And Dolby Vision is in RPU, Both will have Dolby Vision.

Single Stream not have EL for now. It is not Dolby Vision, it some info for HDR10 to 12bit .

But as no current TV can display 12Bit but only 10Bit you won’t notice the Data not included in single layer files.

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