Dolby vision doesnt play in infuse apple tv but on phone/mac oke.!?

Hello when i play some dolby vision content i get black screens and only audio.
this happens on my apple tv and macbook pro.

but the weird thing is on my iphone 14 pm it does play

it concerns Game.of.Thrones.S05E01.The.Wars.To.Come.2160p

it starts happening from season 5 6 7 8
when i scroll through the timeline the preview thumbails show an image dough.

the weirdest thing is they do play on my phone.
i have this problem in more dolby vision content.

infuse 7.5 on apple tv 2022 with ethernet black image
iphone with 7.5 works.
infuse 7.5 was available late on my macbook but it works now

UPDATE: rebooting the apple tv fixed it …

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Thanks for the update.

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