Dolby vision but what video format is being played

Hi, dolby vision on sony af8. Infuse shows the top right dolby vision symbol when browsing/using/navigating, but if you then play a 4k rip from (makemkv) there is no logos that show up for any of the films i have. Is there anywhere to see what format is being shown whilst the movie is playing?

I have an lgtv that shows hdr/dolby etc with same movies, connected to an apple tv, so is it something related to the sony?

Both matching content options set in the apple tv setup


Infuse will always switch the video output to match the video being played, as long as…

  1. The video mode is supported by your TV
  2. The Match Content options (About frame rate and dynamic range matching on Apple TV - Apple Support) are enabled on the Apple TV

Some TVs (like LG) will display the video mode after switching but others (like Sony) will not.

Where is the switch on LG?

I think your post was put in the middle of James quote, so if you are asking where is the switch is on LG there’s not a setting I know of. I believe it’s totally automatic based on the video type sent to the TV. That’s the way my LG works, if I send HDR it senses it and switches and the same with DV, if I play it my LG switches automatically and shows the DV badge.

Yes! Thats the way my LG OLED works !

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