Dolby Vision, BDMV folders

Probably a question that has been asked before but couldn’t find an exact match. I have ripped some files as backups (BDMV folder structure). So the video files are .m2ts. I don’t get Dolby Vision when I play back these movies. It seems to work if I make .mkv files out of them. Is this to be expected?
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It will depend on the specs of the video files, and which DoVi ‘profile’ they are using.

Profile 5 and Profile 8 will usually play in DoVi.

Profile 7 will always play in HDR.

If you have Profile 7 MKV files there is a process you can follow to convert these to Profile 8 which can be used in Infuse.

Thanks, James!
I think I will just leave them as is. The reason I chose to back up my disks is to basically leave files untouched. Maybe in the future… When bitstreaming audio also becomes an option :wink:

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Profile 7 is a dead-end format at this point. It was only developed and intended to be used with UHD Blu-rays. Profile 8 is identical to Profile 7 MEL in terms of picture quality, but it can actually work with streaming devices.

You’re only downgrading from 12-bit to 10-bit color by converting Profile 7 FEL files to Profile 8, but this is irrelevant anyways unless you plan on still playing your backups with a UHD Blu-ray player since future devices won’t be developed with Profile 7 FEL support and there aren’t currently any 12-bit capable displays on the market currently regardless.

I have no idea what version of DV is in the m2ts files that come out of the MakeMKV backup. Mediainfo isn’t really telling me anything. What I can see is that there are 2 video streams inside it and my understanding is that the second (1920x1080) is the DV meta layer or something…

If the file has 2 video streams, then it is a Profile 7 FEL file.

If you don’t plan to play those backups with a UHD Blu-ray player, then you can select Open Files in MakeMKV, save the correct track from the UHD BD Backup as an MKV, and then run the MKV through the script James linked you too above which will convert the Profile 7 MKV to Profile 8.1 MKV.

The only situation I can think of where you wouldn’t want to do this would be if you planned on using Oppo clone UHD Blu-ray players for playback in addition to Infuse and potential future streaming devices/software.

Another note… it’s important to save all relevant audio and subtitles in the MKV since this will be your backup going forward so you don’t want to miss anything:

  • I save the highest-quality lossless English audio track (typically Atmos TrueHD 7.1) and all English subtitles.
  • For foreign films I make sure to always capture the Original Language audio track as well.
  • For older films I always look to see if there are multiple mixes worth saving (often a Surround Remix and an original Theatrical Stereo/Mono mix).

I then use MKVToolNix to label/tag everything correctly in the end (sometimes using gMKVExtractGUI beforehand to check subtitle tracks with Subtitle Edit so I can correctly label/tag).

My main player is a Zidoo Z9X. So that is why I like to keep the folders. For most movies that allows me to get menus etc. But I also have 4 Apple TVs and that is where I use Infuse so can’t quite decide if I should convert to MKV…

The Z9X doesn’t handle all BDMV menus perfectly so you’ll have better compatibility there with MKV files as well.

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