Dolby Vision/Atmos banners re-appearing (or dropping to HDR) after seeking

if I was reading a lot in the forum about the fake dv. I honestly don’t like the plex client because it does transcode, that was one of the reasons why I opted for infuse that always reproduce direct play

had the dolby banner reappear a few days ago as well and had to confirm it again

I was just wondering if anyone was having and issues with dual format files. If I start to play a file in Dolby Vision then skip it forward or pause it, it drops to HDR and if I come out and back in it’s still HDR, even if I close the app.
Any suggestions please?

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Let me guess.
This file is a profile 8 file in an mp4 container rather than mkv?

If so, yes I see the exact same thing. I noticed it a few weeks ago but @james soon after mentioned that native Apple OS17 profile 8 support is close in Infuse therefore it didn’t seem worthwhile raising an issue for it. I planned to wait to see how those files worked when that arrives.

That’s really great news to hear. Is the Profile 8 support purely a software update or is it hardware-limited? e.g. requires latest gen Apple TV 4k (2022)?

This still seems to be a problem even with tvOS17. Playing a few DV/HDR files now just straight come out in HDR whereas on the computers app on the Apple TV they come out in DV. This never used to be the case and infuse worked, what’s more strange is another dual format one does come out in DV but the only difference I can see is that the file doesn’t have an Atmos tracks otherwise it’s in the same format.

Middle paragraph of James reply in post 17

Since Apple announced native support for DoVi Profile 8 in tvOS 17, we’ll first be working to implement changes to take advantage of these new features and then evaluate any remaining issues afterwards.

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It appears to be available on at least the 2021 and 2022 models. We have not tested the 2017 model yet.


Topping up this thread, encountered same issue on LG C2, every seek action will trigger the “Dolby Vision/Dolby Atmos” pop up.

I have Apple TV 2022 (tvOS 17.2), LG OLED C3 TV (2023) with the latest firmware 03.30.70 and Infuse 7.6.6 (4674). I confirm having the same issue with Dolby Vision TV movies (MediaInfo is showing dvhe 08.06). When I start playing such movies from the beginning my TV shows Dolby Vision logo. However when I seek the movie even for 10 seconds my TV blinks for a second and then shows HDR. The same happens when I start playing such movie from the beginning, quit the movie and then press “Continue playing”. It was not like this before if I remember correctly.

I also get this on some DV Profile 8 videos. If I find something reproducible I’m happy to provide a sample file.

Today’s 7.7.2 update includes expanded support for Profile 8 Dolby Vision, and more details can be found in the release announcement thread. :slightly_smiling_face:

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