Dolby Vision (All Profiles) Use to Play without Pink/Green, now don't

Hi everyone,

I’m not quite sure how this happened but recently (about a month and a half ago) when I use the Infuse 7 app (bought the lifetime license) on my Apple TV 4K all Dolby Vision content that worked flawlessly before is now pink and green as though it’s no longer supported by my set up. Some Dolby Vision files still work (I assume they are profile 5) but before something happened, all DV files worked without issue (Profile 7 for example). Either the DV files were falling back to HDR once the file realized it wasn’t compatible with my Apple TV or just playing Dolby Vision directly.

I’ve literally changed nothing in my pipeline.

What software update has happened either on the Plex server side or on Infuse that would make this happen? I’ve also tried Infuse via SMB to my hard drive to go around the Plex Server software… So confused after a full day of troubleshooting.

My Setup

• TV: TCL Roku TV 7121X (Dolby Vision capable) • Software version 10.0.0

• Apple TV 4K A1842 • tvOS 15 (using a Belkin UltraHD High Speed 4K HDMI Cable (2m))

• Plex and Infuse latest version

I’ve tried:

• reinstalling Infuse, reconfiguring the AppleTV and TCL TV Input settings, rebooting my devices.

• reformatting the AppleTV

• Apple TV: Tried every video configuration in the book, including the recommended 4K SDR default with Match Range and Frame Rate on

• factory reset the TCL TV and power cycling

• redownloaded a video file in question (which worked before but now doesn’t)

• tried swapping 2 high speed premium HDMI cables (they work fine, but of course, don’t resolve my issue - Belkin UltraHD High Speed 4K HDMI Cable (2m))

Help? Thanks.

Can you try installing the 7.2.1 update and see if this resolves your issue?

This version adds support for some Dolby Vision files which were not supported before.

7.2.1 is a blessing! Thank you!

Not sure how this all worked before this but something must have glitched.

That being said the Dolby Vision playback isn’t amazing with the files. Lots of artifacts and colour flickers occurring. I suppose those are issues that will be resolved in future updates. Thanks!

We’re looking into one similar issue which can appear while seeking through videos. Is that what you are seeing, or are these artifacts present when the files are simply playing normally?

I’m having issues while playing normally. It’s jumping between random frames of half produced image/flickering/blue frames/other colours etc. some files play fine for a bit but I’ve noticed some flickering during playback after a minute or so. Less frequent but still there.

Would you be able to send in a sample file you are seeing this with so we can test it here?

Do you mean a sample video file that I record from my phone of my TV or the actual file I’m trying to play on Infuse?

I believe that James would need the actual file that you’re seeing the problems on.

Yes, the actual video you are playing.

What if it’s 20GB? Haha

That upload form will accept any size file you’re in the mood to send. :wink:

Another thing you can try is to force the Apple TV in to HDR or SDR mode, and disable dynamic range matching. This would allow the Apple TV to convert the Dolby Vision colors to normal HDR/SDR. If the same videos play without issue with these settings it may indicate an issue with the HDMI cable or TV not being able to handle the bandwidth.