Dolby Vision 8.1 in 7.4.9

Hello everyone. Video files in which, in addition to HDR, there is a DV 8.1 layer, infuse began to output to DV. Is this a bug ? Or has DV 8.1 support appeared in tvOS 16.1 ?

infuse 7.4.9 RC2


Yep I just checked after seeing your post and can confirm I’m seeing this also.
I guess we will have to wait for clarification but I having a feeling it’s a bug.


Version 7.4.8 does not have this.

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The first 7.4.9 beta (7.4.4308) didn’t have it either.
It starts happening in the second build (7.4.4311)

More confusing (to me at least) is the release notes for that build.

“Switched to HDR for DoVi profile 8 without compatibility”

Unless I’m mistaken or indeed something changed I thought DV profile 8 without HDR fallback would play as DV and if there is HDR fallback it would play as HDR. Those release notes seems to suggest the exact opposite. :man_shrugging:

I’m sure @james will clarify.

On the release version of infuse 7.4.9. this has been preserved :slight_smile:

bug in infuse 7.4.10 has been preserved.

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So a file encoded in DV, but has an HDR compatibility layer is playing in DV, and it’s considered a bug? Does the picture look bad or showing the wrong colours?

Infuse shows/defaults way too much HDR, so I can only see this as an improvement.

As the device has always been unable to handle any DV with HDR fallback, then unless something changed recently then YES it’s a bug and you/we are not seeing Dolby Vision at all.
It’s the same garbage that Plex pull by forcing the device into Dolby Vision mode while only being capable of reading the HDR metadata.

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This appears to be a bug.


Thanks James. As mentioned earlier it first appears in beta 2 of 7.49

The way I read those release notes it actually appears as if what is happening is by design.

“Switched to HDR for DoVi profile 8 without compatibility”

I would have thought that should read “with compatibility”?

There were a few changes for DoVi in 7.4.9, the main one being better handling of files which were missing various headers which we relied on to decide what to do with the files.

‘Without compatibility’ may have been a confusing way to describe this, but it basically means ‘without explicit HDR compatible headers’.

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Have I gone mad now? I’m watching an episode of Andor on my Apple TV 4K 2022. Infuse indicates 4K HDR in the overview. I start playback and my TV switches to Dolby Vision! All this after the update to TVOS 16.2
This wasn’t the case before, was it?

Format :


Format/Info :

High Efficiency Video Coding

Format profile :

Main 10@L5@High

HDR format :

Dolby Vision, Version 1.0, dvhe.08.06, BL+RPU, HDR10 compatible / SMPTE ST 2086, HDR10 compatible

Codec ID :


Duration :

43 min 10 s

It’s a bug…read the last four or five posts.

Their post was just moved to this thread so they may not have had time to read this thread.


Darn, I was looking forward to it!

Keep this bug please. I find better picture when my TV thinks it’s Dolby Vision actually.

Then set your Apple TV to Dolby Vision mode and turn off Dynamic Range switching.
Or switch to Plex where you can have all the fake Dolby Vision you can digest.
The bug is totally lame and needs sorting.


No spatial audio in Plex. If you turn Dolby vision on and disable match content, I doubt it will even read the hdr metadata from the file.

It’s easy to try changing to DV out of the ATV. You may find it does just what you want.

This issue should be fully resolved in Infuse 7.5.