Dolby TrueHd and DTS-X

Hi long time user of Infuse and lurker on this forum,I’ve started experimenting with google drive recently,all my sd and 1080p files play fine but I’ve noticed with the 4K remuxs that the ones with Dolby True HD have no problem playing but the ones with DTS-X buffer a bit,so my question is does Infuse handle the audio differently with Dolby True HD and DTS-X.

I’m thinking I could create a more user friendly downmix with Handbrake and mux it into the file if that is the case.I haven’t currently got a surround sound system so I only listen in stereo,but keep the HD audio for future use.

Hope this all makes sense!!

Each audio codec is going to have its own decoder and the performance of each may be different. Since dtsx isn’t supported by Apple TV, it just decodes the HD MA 7.1 audio. The extra object audio isn’t playable. I don’t know whether it still gets processed by infuse or ignored though.

I know Infuse ignores all the Atmos & X metadata of the HD codecs so I suppose what I’m asking is because DTS isn’t naturally supported by the Apple TV does Infuse need to do more work with DTS-HD and because I’m streaming from Google Drive it’s buffering?

It could just be a coincidence that all the video that you’re having issues with just happened to be DTSX. Often studios prefer one over the other, so maybe it is some thing with the video stream and has nothing to do with audio. Hard to say without somebody actually looking at the file and trying it out. Infuse does have to decode all the audio, but it would be doing that with true HD+Atmos file as well and it should be parallel to the download

The codecs are different, but the way Infuse handles each is pretty similar. I have a feeling it may just come down to the size of the videos.

One thing I will mention is we’ve identified an issue which can affect Google Drive streaming in some cases, and are working on a solution. More info on this can be seen in the post below.