Dolby MLP (mlpa) codec support


InfusePro (ATV4K) is silently discarding the audio stream in an mp4 that contains a Dolby TrueHD track along a video stream.

Audio stream was extracted with ffmpeg v4.3.1 and remuxed with video using mp4box (which also throws a warning). Here’s a link to the mp4. According to The 'MP4' Registration Authority , mlpa is Dolby MLP. Not sure if this is an InfusePro issue or ffmpeg … thanks.

Mediainfo output: (audio section)

ID : 2
Format : MLP FBA 16-ch
Format/Info : Meridian Lossless Packing FBA with 16-channel presentation
Commercial name : Dolby TrueHD with Dolby Atmos
Codec ID : mlpa
Duration : 22 s 998 ms
Source duration : 22 s 931 ms
Bit rate mode : Variable
Maximum bit rate : 7 134 kb/s
Channel(s) : 8 channels
Channel layout : L R C LFE Ls Rs Lb Rb
Sampling rate : 48.0 kHz
Frame rate : 1 200.000 FPS (40 SPF)
Compression mode : Lossless
Source stream size : 11.0 MiB (8%)
Default : Yes
Alternate group : 1
Tagged date : UTC 2020-12-28 13:29:50
Number of dynamic objects : 13
Bed channel count : 1 channel
Bed channel configuration : LFE


Videolan VLC devs replied and provided an update to their nightly 4.0 which indicates some issue with media players not handling properly Dolby TrueHD codec support in ISO BMFF such as mp4.

In a nutshell, does InfusePro support Dolby TrueHD (MLP) in an mp4 container?

Would you be able to upload a sample video we could review here?

Samples up to 20GB in size can be submitted here.

Hi, is the link in the first post not ok or do I need to instead upload to dropbox ? thanks. (its uploaded to DB)

Ah missed that.

We’ll take a look. Thanks.

@james I was just about to open a new topic about this :slight_smile:
Did you guys already look into this and can share status / details ?

Note that converting the Dolby TrueHD to lpcm (pcm_s24be) and then muxing it into the mp4, works well in infuse. Showing as PCM 7.1 .

yes doing the conversion to lpcm works. if you have a small segment of an mp4 with mlpa to share, please do and provide a link or upload to Infuse DB, the more the better to help Infuse. I’ve shared a link to one in my OP.

any update ? thank you.

We have a fix for this in the pipeline which will be available in an upcoming version. :slight_smile:

Great news!

Awesome, look forward to trying it out. Thank you :+1:

I had the same question. When I wanted to open a new thread about it, I found this one. Does Infuse in the meantime support TrueHD audio streams inside MP4 containers (mlpa) or is it known when this “upcoming version” will be released? The reason why I am asking is, this would allow me to just pass thru the TrueHD audio stream if I convert my movies to MP4. Sure, I could use MKV instead, but then I cannot play the files on my Mac natively. At the moment I need to convert all TrueHD streams with HandBrake to E-AC3. Which is an issue for 7.1 and Atmos, because HandBrake does only support 5.1 E-AC3 (because of a limitation in FFMpeg).

This feature was added to FFMpeg:;a=commitdiff;h=808a6717e0c584738c60a109afd6d47f4973d619

It was added to VLC:

And it has been added to MediaInfo (github/issues/451).

I can create such files with FFMpeg (and my custom build HandBrake) and play them with VLC. So, I am looking forward to play them as well with Infuse on my AppleTV.

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Is the fix included in any of the betas ? Because it doesn’t seems so and I would love to verify it.

It’s almost 5 months later since I reported the issue, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

This is on our list, but requires updating a number of core items.

It should be available after the release of Infuse 7.

@james can you share an ETA ?

BTW - IINA video player doesn’t have this issue:

This thread has been marked as planned. You can check upcoming feature list here:

Still no updates for this?

Welcome to the forum!

Per @munpip214 post just above yours you can see what’s in the upcoming features here

This feature is listed in the 7.X range so it’s on the board but may take a bit.