Dolby Headphone & DTS Headphone:X

I submitted this as Service Request to fireCore (which was partially answered), but for posterity and sharing, I’ll put in forum.

Infuse Pro can decode surround formats which would need to be downmixed into stereo since that is what I’ll be listening to with my headphones, but, ideally, I’d want sense of surround preserved using some kind of pseudo-surround processing to create the stereo output to my ears. However, fireCore doesn’t specify the downmix processing - does it downmix is to a pseudo-surround format (like Dolby Headphone, DTS Headphone:X, some other format) or not (ie. left channel goes to left, right to right, and half of centre to both)?

fireCore, can you please state how Infuse downmixes surround into stereo?

Fair question.

We’re using the recommended mixing levels as defined by Dolby and DTS, and these include specific tuning parameters for different iOS devices (as well as headphones). These levels adjust automatically in the background, so you’ll always get the best settings.

Additionally, depending on your listening preferences, you can enable/disable the Dolby Mobile Surround audio effects through the Infuse sidebar settings.

James, thanks for taking time to reply.

We’re using the recommended mixing levels as defined by Dolby and DTS, …

So, would it be fair to conclude that there is no pseudo-surround processing in the downmix output?

you can enable/disable the Dolby Mobile Surround audio effects …

These “audio effects” would be generated effects (like echo) that are unrelated to original soundtrack, correct?

The ‘pseudo-surround’ option would be the audio effects, as these are designed to simulate a surround effect on mobile devices when an actual surround setup isn’t available (playback on iPhone, iPad, headphones, etc…).

With these effects disabled, you get a more straightforward 5.1/7.1 to 2ch down mix, which is similar to what you would hear when playing a 5.1/7.1 audio track on a normal stereo television, or what you hear when playing a video in iTunes on a laptop’s internal speakers.

James, again thanks for taking time to reply.
Hopefully, fireCore would consider pseudo-surround for headphone downmix as a future feature. Given that fireCore already has a relationship with DTS, I hope you’ll consider their Headphone:X downmix transform - it is very convincing and would give Infuse a killer feature to utilize the channels you already decode.

Any progress on this - it’s been almost a year?

Headphone:X is on our roadmap, though we don’t have an ETA for its release just yet.

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Some plans to add this function?