Dolby/DTS Passthrough

While I actually haven’t looked up your specific TV pretty much none support it. In general because they don’t have any reason to do it and TV manufacturers are lazy, if you own a receiver you’re expected to hook up all your gear directly to it. James also implies as much in this thread’s first post:

Hopefully I’ll receive my HDMI to optical converter soon and figure out whether it works with my brother’s ancient Sony receiver or not.

All my video files with surround sound (wether it is dolby or dts, etc) doesn’t provide any sound unless i select “no” for “dolby digital with hdmi” in the contextual menu. But then i only have stereo sound.

Strangely the surround sound of the same video file is working perfectly fine trough airplay with infuse 3 on my iphone, or with another apple tv native app.

My apple tv 4 is connected to my sony home cinema system with a brand new hdmi cable, and i never experienced any issue with the previous apple tv nor any of my gaming systems.

The surround issue is only related to Infuse 4, and unfortunately i just bought the “pro” version. I did everything said in this topic, with no luck.

I have a Yamaha Aventage RX-3040a and pass through via hdmi is working fine for me :wink:

First of all, thanks for this great app!

I only get static noise, no matter if 16bit, noise reduction activated / deactivated etc.

Setup: HDMI directly to Denon AVR-X1200W.

Looking forward to future releases!

Same for me!

AppleTV connected directly via HDMI to a Pioneer VSX 921

I have an old pioneer vsa-e08 with no hdmi connections and i use my TVs optical out to get the audio to the reciever.
My TV does support passthrough of Dolby digital 5.1 but i get this problem. It works fine in other apps.

Turning off the lower loud sounds function in settings fixed it for me too.

This is through my optical out on my TV, so TVs that support passthrough of DD 5.1 should work with Infuse. There are quite a few that do support it, its just a myth that none do.

With Dolby digital and Dts, i only get static noise, no matter if 16bit.

HDMI directly to Harman Kardon bds360

I also have a problem with ac3/dts passthrough, but if i convert the movie wth flicks 2 mkv to m4v file then the soundbar and tv says dolby dig instead of pcm stereo.

Hey did you reboot your atv after installing infuse? Just Check ist out and try again. For me it resolved the noise problem in three setups.
Ciao, Martin

My TV, Sony KDL50W829B, has dd 5.1 pass through.

If I play a film on my iPad or iPhone using infuse 3 I can AirPlay it to my Apple TV 4 which in turn passes dd5.1 to my tv then my receiver and it works perfectly.

The same movie played with infuse 4 does not pass the sound through.

Surely this shows some sort of problem with infuse 4, the Apple TV 4 works, and infuse 3 works just fine.

I have tried all the suggestions with no luck.

I was able to resolve this issue today, although it required some additional hardware for me: (not exactly this brand but same model)
A HDMI extractor, that I had the good fortune of being able to purchase from my place of work.
A bit pricey, but well worth it considering I didn’t need to buy a new sound system.
So to Mayhem SWE:
Tack för förslaget, löste mitt problem och nu får jag ut rätt ljud i högtalarna!

Interesting! So disabling ‘Reduce Loud Sounds’ changed what you heard from static to Dolby Digital?

Update: Yep, this seems to be a key thing. Enabling ‘Reduce Loud Sounds’ caused static on both setups here that worked perfectly before. Disabling it allows 5.1 audio to be heard as expected.

Reduce loud sounds in the ATV4 settings didn’t solve the problem for me.

Activate causes static noise, deactive no sound at all. I do get static noises even changing in the menu where i normally hear a beep.

For me reducing loud noises causes static noise in the soundtrack. Deactivate it allows me to play dolby digital 5.1 and DTS core but no dts-hd and dolby digital plus and aac are played in pcm stereo. receiver Harman Kardon AVR1700 hdmi link

Didn’t work for me

good news: and now I get the dts sound worked out nicely!!
I did the following steps:
First: I restart my ATV4
then i did change some settingss
-ATV4 audio setting:
Surround system: auto
Reduce loud sounds: off
Audio mode: 16 bit
-and then infuse /movie audio setting:
DTS: check
DTS over HDMI: check
-Yamaha receiver HTR-3064: DTS is active and works fine
now I’m happy :slight_smile:

is it dts-hd?

Its definetly the reduce loud sound setting on atv audio settings. I can easily reproduce the noize issue with these setting.

Yet this setting is off by default. I still have the problem so will have to purchase one of those boxes.

Hi, for me DTS files work perfectly, however True HD files turn into stereo output.