Dolby digital problem

When I change the audio from “Passthrough” to “Auto” the Dolby TrueHd and all the DTS audio play perfectly, but the movies with Dolby Digital play with the audio channels swapped. The center channel plays at the right channel. Until now, the only solution was to change back to “Passthrough” every time. Can I do anything to correct this or is an issue with Infuse decoder?

If you have a chance to send in a sample file, it might help us track down what’s going on in your particular case.

Dear James, I’d really like to send you a file, but they’re all too big, because I only watch high-res movies,but I can assure you that all worked perfectly in “passtrough” or when I watch trough Blu-ray (DLNA) or WD TV (SMB). Only in Infuse using “auto”, is that this problem happens to all Dolby Digital movies. Since now, I thank you for the attention.

I am going to hijack this old thread because I have the same issue on my setup.

My Apple TV (4th gen.) is connected to a Sony BDV-N9200W Home Theatre System. The sound in Infuse is set to Auto. The sound in Apple TV settings is set Best Quality Available.

Whenever I play content with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio, the center channel is mapped to the right front channel. The work-around is to change the Apple TV audio setting to Dolby Digital 5.1. Then all channels are mapped correctly.

All other multi-channel content, like DTS, flac 5.1, and AAC 5.1, play with correct channel mapping, when Apple TV audio is set to Best Quality Available. I can easily switch between the two setting, but it would be nice if I didn’t have to. It’s possible that the “bug” is in my Sony system, but I report it just in case you can do something about it in Infuse.

This trailer for Wonder Woman plays with the center channel mapped to the right front channel, on my system: