Dolby Digital and Dolby Vision only on Apple native player


Just noticed this tweet from other Apple APP developers (IPTVX and VLC ) :

Matteo Gobbi no Twitter: “#IPTVX An update from VLC on Dolby Digital and Dolby Vision: The answer has been given by the main maintainer of VLCKit. This means that Apple allows Dolby Digital only in their native player and that VLC cannot support it at this time.” / Twitter

link : Dolby Atmos doesn’t work on latest Apple TV 4K (#1164) · Issues · VideoLAN / VLC-iOS · GitLab

Does this “affect”/help somehow Infuse app ?


This does not affect Infuse, as we don’t use any components from VLCKit.

Infuse uses its own proprietary player (which has been under development since 2010), and is able to play all variants of Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos which are supported by Apple on both iOS and Apple TV. This currently includes Dolby Vision (Profile 5) and Dolby Atmos (E-AC3).

We’ll be working to extend this same support to macOS as well.


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