Dolby Audio effects redundant with Spatial Audio?

Hi !
So I’m recently enjoying Spatial Audio in the Airpods 3rd Gen on infuse. I was just wondering does turning on Dolby Audio effects add any value whatsoever if you have Spatial audio enabled already for multi channel sound?

  1. And also, I watch a lot of anime in infuse and all anime is AAC 2.0 stereo. In this scenarios, does enabling Dolby audio effects do anything? Or should i keep it off and enable Spatial stereo on infuse?

Please address those queries and explain the functional benefits of enabling Dolby audio effects if any in the world of Spatial audio we live in in the Apple land now. Looking forward for a interesting answer!

The Dolby Audio Effects option is a legacy setting and is not recommend.

It will be removed from the app in an upcoming release.

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Thanks a lot James! Makes sense now :slight_smile:

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