Dolby atmos


Just uppgraded my rig, to Dolby atmos. I have the atv4 connected to my Marantz on hdmi, the pro version running, and it detects the true-hd, but it does not decode the Atmos data (metadata within the true-hd signal).

Is atmos supported? Will it be? Anyone got atmos to work?



Hello there. Seems not many people have a ATMOS setup yet :wink:
Since one month I do. Tested with ATV4 and Infuse with DD pass-through enabled. Also ATV4 audio set to ‘auto’.
Tested with ATMOS material but only get stereo PCM entering my receiver upon streaming.
When selecting the AC3 track of the same streaming movie I do receive 5.1 DD signal…

How does the pass-through modus of Infuse work? Since ATV4 natively in the settings does not support pass-through?

Read this thread:

The situation is the same for TrueHD, DTS-HD, Atmos: It’s not supported, they’re looking into adding it.


I don’t really know these type of things, but I can’t understand why it is harder to just pass through the ones & zeros of audio to the next guy in the chain (AV processor) instead of processing them internally, which seems to me, must be a harder (cpu intensive) job,

I understand someone wants money somewhare for inventing new audio formats (i.e. licenses) but passthrough (or bit streaming) is a problem on many types of devices, which logically to me, should be as easy as just pass them (ones & zeros) on to the Hdmi, :slight_smile:

I do hope Firecore will solve it, HD sound, lossless and Atmos, is amazing! Really worth the upgrade.



Thanks nullref for the link! That provides me some hope for the near future :slight_smile: