Dolby Atmos Vision Tags

Please have option to show tags/details for Dolby Vision (profile 7) and Dolby Atmos (TrueHd) even if Infuse can’t play them. I guess HDR10+ and DTS:X too. This helps me determine if I need to use another player for specific titles. This can maybe be down below where other movie details are if you don’t want the badges in the main section.

And to reiterate I am not talking about profile 5 Dolby Vision or Dolby digital plus EAC3 tracks.


This is against the interest of Infuse, isn’t it?

It would advertise against itself to non-technical users that expect Infuse to “play everything I throw at it”.

Yes that’s why I said it should be an option for people who want more details.

Would be interesting to see how the Swiftfin app from Jellyfin project turns out. They are focusing on building native apps from the ground up using modern technologies for the Apple ecosystem, and support direct play.

Aside from what you said, I really want multi-user support.