Dolby atmos support file in infuse 6 pro

I would like to know infuse 6 Pro support which type of file for Dolby atmos?

i tried using mkv & m2ts file which is Dolby atmos format but unfortunately it does work in infuse 6 pro with jellyfin media server.


Atmos has to be EAC-3 encoded (Dolby digital +). If the file is Dolby TrueHD with Atmos it won’t work. TrueHD Atmos is what’s on blurays… these rips won’t work. EAC-3 with Atmos is what’s commonly found on iTunes and Netflix rips… these will work.

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ohhhh i see … :cold_sweat:
so there is no chance to work these files with dolby atmos, i don’t know which kind of video file is working in infuse 6 pro that i can take advantage to use dolby atmos. mkv, m2ts & bdmv file is supported dolby atmos, its famous and can be fine anywhere easily.

i saw one video in youtube he posted in 2018 and he saw’s how to use dolby atmos in infuse 6 pro by showing setting’s “audio output passthrough” but unfortunately it doesn’t support now all, he also metioned now Infuse don’t support passthrough anymore due to apple tv limitation

Bitstreaming was removed by Apple with tvOS 12. If you want full Dolby atmos you’ll have to look at something other than an AppleTV to do it. People have had success using emby, plex and kodi on an NVidia Shield Pro. Zidoo also make great boxes that support Dolby atmos (the new ones also support Dolby vision).


Sorry to revive an old thread, but I’m also disappointed I can’t play my ISOs with Dolby Atmos from AppleTV. Why on earth did Apple remove bitstream when it had it already implemented??? Are there any devices out there that will run Infuse and Dolby Atmos from ISOs? The reasons I went with Infuse was to be able to not only just back up my catalog but easily play the ISOs without further remuxing as well.

I have the same problem! I need a player that supports Dolby Atmos. I looked at Zappiti, Zidoo and dune HD players. I will buy the Dune HD Max Vision player. It seems the best for me.

Apples bitstreaming when it worked only seemed to support basic Dolby digital and dts… no lossless TrueHD or dts-hd.

I’d recommend the Zidoo player. They have their own custom made playback engine that is really really great. Additionally if you use their form of kodi you can integrate it into a plex server back end if you want to synchronize your library/watch status across multiple devices.

Have you took a look at Dune HD players? :wink: As I heard and read, they seem to beat the Zidoo players. But I will know when I’ll buy one of them!

I’ve seen them in the past back when 3D was still a thing and they had micro stutter. That’s probably all gone now with the new Realtek chipset.

I just ordered the Dune HD Max Vision 4K. I will tell you how good/bad it is! :wink:

I’d considered both of those before I found infuse. I’d hoped I could keep using infuse rather than moving away from it but it seems I may have no other option which is too bad. I really like it. I’ve also seen multiple opinions on the Dune and Zidoo and have no idea which to take a chance on lol. I’d love to hear your experiences with them.

I have an older Zidoo x9s which sits in the basement but when it was my main driver it performed well. I wouldn’t apply new firmware as soon as they come out because sometimes they introduce more bugs than they fix. Also with the Zidoo products I found they were good for watching movies through kodi/zdmc/native player. Support for apps such as Netflix and the like was poor so I kept my Apple TV to drive streaming apps.

That’s good to know, thanks. I’m only interested in playing my movies from ISO and will continue to use my AppleTV as I’m pretty invested in the eco system right now.

The newer boxes look like they support ISO with Dolby vision as well as bluray menu support. They also run Android 9. Dune says it supports widevine encryption so Netflix and other services should work in 4K.