Dolby Atmos problem? question? not sure?

Hi Guys,

So I’m new here I’ve been searching before asking questions but im coming up with nothing so I have to ask.

In my home we have a 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos setup with a Pioneer VSX-933, a lot of my media is stored in “7.1TrueHD-Atmos”

With Apple TV settings set to ‘auto’ and my receiver set to 5.1.2 whenever I play these files my receiver reverts to PCM 5.1.

But if I change my receiver to 7.1 (yes even though the speakers are in the roof) then upon playing the same file the receiver will pick it up as 7.1 content.

My issue is, I think because the “atmos” track is stored in “7.1” and my receiver is configured as “atmos 5.1.2” (which I’ve verified with Apple TV+ is working correctly, video files that support atmos there it comes up with the DD Atmos logos on the lcd of the receiver) then infuse 6 can’t match the audio track with the number of available channels on my receiver so it reverts me back to 5.1?

I’m not sure if this is the case or not, but I can’t seem to get it working in any of my content (tested about 20 - 30 movies, most 4k, HDR, 7.1-atmos)

I’m loading the files off a SMB share from a local home server.

What am I doing wrong?

Are your files encoded with E-AC3 audio tracks with Dolby Atmos? That’s the only way Infuse can support Atmos at the time. Otherwise it will fall back to 5.1 This is due to an Apple limitation that you can help get changed by contacting Apple as recommended here.

ive added my support request this morning.

how can I tell if the files are EAC3 (most of them in the file name say “TrueHD-Atmos” is there a way to convert or transcode them?

You can use an app called mediainfo to check the encoding. Chances are if it says true hd it probably won’t work. And unfortunately there is no way without studio masters and Dolby software to convert the formats and keep atmos in tact.

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Usually all mkvs or ISOs which are based on blue rays are using true hd.
Mkvs that are based on streaming services, like Apple TV plus, Netflix etc are using e-ac3.
That’s why Atmos can be played back by the atv, when it comes from the streaming apps.

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@munpip214 @Gramophone @NC_Bullseye

Thank you for you’re help I’ve checked with media info and yes its truehd with atmos.

Thats really unfortunate, I’ve got an apple developer account though so I’ve submitted a request and a bug report as per the instructions in the pinned post.

hopefully the new tvOS fixes :smiley:

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