Dolby Atmos playback for macOS

I’m considering buying a pair of AirPods Max, mainly for Dolby Atmos content on my MacBook, so before I do that, I want to be sure that Infuse supports it.
I’ve been using Infuse on my macOS for a while now, and I’m curious if Infuse can playback Dolby Atmos in EAC3-JOC (or hopefully TrueHD Atmos), mainly object-based audio, not just outputting it as a multi-channel audio stream.
I’ve seen some posts here about the support for tvOS and not macOS, does anyone know if it supports this feature? I want to be sure before placing my order.


Thanks in advance for your help!

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I think it’s more about the device you use for playback than Infuse. I get Atmos from Infuse on my AppleTV.

What retail outlet doesn’t give you at least two weeks full return on anything? I think Amazon have 30 days.

Thank you for responding, I have the 2021 MacBook Pro, no AppleTV.
I agree that I could order it and try it out but personally I do not have the time due to my classes and other stuff, etc.
If someone has the Airpods Max with a Mac device, I would appreciate your feedback

I’ve never tried your scenario but one thing I can confirm is MacOS does not do bitstream. It also won’t do TrueHD w/atmos. Best you can get is lossy atmos.

Noted. I just want to know if it’s possible for Infuse (or any other app, but mainly Inufse since it’s by far the best compared to other apps) can output Atmos, in this case, Lossy Atmos (EAC3-JOC), I know that it’s possible for music services like Apple Music, but I don’t know about content like movies and shows, that’s why I asked.

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I use Apple TV with AirPods Max and whenever I watch a movie, I always use Infuse’s Volume Boost, because I don’t like low volume. I like to have a cinematic experience. At the moment it is not possible to boost Atmos tracks.

I agree, it would be great if volume boost could work with Atmos (When I potentially buy the AirPods Max)