Dolby atmos not detected in mac infuse

Was watching Dune Part Two which obviously has dolby atmos. tested same link on ios it was playing correctly with dolby atmos being detected, but on mac it shows multichannel. i can send the stream link for testing purpose.

Can you double-check to ensure you are running 7.7.4 on Mac?

You can view the current version by selecting ‘About Infuse’ from the ‘Infuse’ menu in the top menubar area.

yes i have double checked it, all other files were able to play atmos properly it was specific movie which i was streaming through a link wasn’t able to play in atmos. i can give you the link for testing purpose, and please also look into blink thing happening in dolby vision content on M1 mac with LCD display, i think newer ones doesn’t have this issue but in here content does a blink which is very noticable and happens quite often.