Dolby atmos in films infuse7 on tvOS 15

So after reading some old information (2020) I still can’t understand : why infuse 7 can’t play Dolby atmos sound on my sound bar Samsung q900a with Dolby atmos support from films with TrueHD 7.1 with dolby atmos ? When I use iTunes in apple 4k tv sound bar show that music is playing in dolby atmos. The same with films with dolby atmos in iMovies.
What format of audio with dolby atmos should I search & use to get sound with atmos from films playing from infuse 7 ? Or there is no opportunity of dolby atmos playback now from infuse 7 ?
Please help to understand !

Those movies you are watching that trigger Atmos on your Soundbar are Atmos and EAC3.
(Streaming services)

The Apple TV does not support for Atmos and True-HD. (Blu-ray)

In theory any file you look for that mentions web and Atmos should show Atmos on your Soundbar. (But again only Atmos/EAC-3)

If it’s a Blu-ray rip then you will not get Atmos.

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