Dolby atmos demo trailers

Hello, does anyone have a link to any Dolby atmos demo trailers I can download that infuse supports? I have a Dolby atmos trailer called audio sphere, but it only shows as TrueHD 7.1 not atmos. Thanks

You have to find the ones that are Dolby Digital Plus (EAC3)
I used to go to the digital theater, but looks like those were taken off-line.

Also, sometimes they might have multiple audio tracks per file and you have to select the right one

Do the EAC3 files in infuse show as Dolby atmos or Dolby digital plus?

They won’t say Atmos in infuse, just Dolby Digital Plus. Also, not every Dolby digital plus will have Atmos. And even some may not be coded correctly so it’s sort of hit and miss to find one that works.

Ok I won’t even bother trying then, but thanks for clearing that up anyway, cheers