Dolby Atmos and DTSX not supported in Infuse?

Are both Atmos and DTSX not supported in Infuse?

I can watch movies in Atmos on Netflix on my 4k apple tv, but when i try a movie in Infuse 6 (latest version) it doesn’t display Atmos, is there a setting i need to change to activate this?

Apple TV no longer supports passthrough so no lossless formats with atmos. Only eac3 DD+ which is what Netflix uses. Sorry but you can’t play blu-rays with atmos. Here’s some info:

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oh man really, thats such a load of crap! Is there any reason as to why they removed passthrough?

I only just signed up to the 1 year subscription yesterday, after i saw how awesome the new version of infuse was, i actually thought this was the Kodi killer that i had been waiting over a decade for and that i could finally ditch my nvidia shield and kodi combo for this infuse and apple tv. But there’s always something holding it back :frowning: Unforfunetly will have to wait now until and if apple re-add the passthrough again!!!

Yeah unfortunately if you want both Dolby Vision and Atmos from UHD discs you are out of luck. From my following of LG CX OLED thread, they removed support for DTS passthrough but kept Dolby. Apparently you have to have licensing, even for passthrough, so perhaps Apple didn’t want to pay DTS for anything. Samsung and LG have both dropped DTS support. I suppose that if DTS doesn’t get it’s act together we won’t see them much longer. But still we would want at least Atmos passthrough considering most titles use that.