Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 test tones

I found this file I have had for a while on my old laptop. I transferred it my NAS and decided to play it to see how my ATV4K/Infuse 7 Pro/Yamaha CX-A5100 would handle the the file. The file played 7.1.4 correctly emitting noise to each speaker. Onscreen display(OSD) read PCM/DOLBY ATMOS. I have read some other forums where other users (with ATV4K) AVR’s OSD had also stated Dolby Atmos was being played but in reality it was really PCM.

I played Ready Player One and OSD stated Atmos, did the ATV4K just burp?

Is this eac3/DD+? If so then Apple TV might output this. TrueHD+Atmos not supported at all and should just show Atmos.

Also there could be a sound setting on your receiver to upscale to Atmos.

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It’s an mp4 file, I’ll post some pics after dinner. I do have some DSP modes I like but they wouldn’t have the AVR produce Atmos.

You are correct, it is EAC3 Dolby Digital Plus. What was odd is after I played it all of my local content showed up as PCM/Dolby Atmos on my receiver :smiley: I did a restart and every thing went back to normal.