Dolby and DTS intermittent sound issue

Pretty much the exact thing that’s detailed in this thread: DTS-HD MA / Dolby TrueHD sound bug . A horrible continuous “Twinging” tone after fast forwarding or rewinding seemingly random movies & shows. It doesn’t happen every time and is pretty intermittent.

I have 2 completely different receiver and ATV setups and they both exhibit the same issue. So it’s not a bug on my end.

Zero issues playing the same content with the Plex or MrMC apps.

Have you done the tests requested in that thread? Have you submitted a log report right after it happens? That may also help.

There’s really nothing in that thread to try other than the DTS sample files. It doesn’t do it with every movie/show, so that part is pretty inconclusive. Settings are correct as well.

Still no fix for this issue. It’s been replicated by support.