Dolby AC-4 support for ATSC 3.0 broadcasts

From what I can gather, Infuse doesn’t support Dolby AC-4 yet? Is this the case? If so, are their plans to add support? My specific use case is ATSC 3.0 broadcasts.

No company/player really supports AC4 yet. As far as I know ac4 decoding requires a license from Dolby to decode and that stuff isn’t free.

I for one would not endorse an increase to the pro subscription price for a codec that is only really used for UK broadcasts. Maybe infuse can include it as an additional monthly fee for those that require it?

It’s not just used in “UK broadcasts”. AC-4 is the standard audio codec used in ATSC 3.0. There are many stations already broadcasting in the US over ATSC 3.0. For example, Seattle area, the major 4 networks all have ATSC 3.0 live (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX).

I wouldn’t know. Canada has pretty much gotten rid of all OTA. Everything here is delivered through satellite or through some form of IPTV.

It’s looks like the codec requires a license. The support will either need to be purchased via firecore or Apple unless some sort of reverse engineer open source method is developed by someone.

There’s a good chance that Firecore would be able to add to their existing Dolby license for infuse but from I read this new format isn’t packaged the same and may not be straightforward to implement.

I’ve read there are already patches for ffmpeg and people are having success with that.

It’s also been implemented by HDHomerun and Channels app. I’m sure Firecore can handle this…