Doesn't Group TV show not in thetvdb

Yeah, I get that, and that taking them out of the library, and renaming all 38, is the only solution that works.

But that solution stinks.

How about the authors of this app respect a users’ properly formatted .nfo files and allow users to sort things the way they want to? Can’t be that hard. The xml conventions already exist and are recognized by any number of similar library managers.

Having 4 assorted ATVs I feel your pain (often). If you want to help push the custom metadata idea for TV shows there’s a suggestion thread running here you can add your support to by liking the first post.

I know you thinned out the apps you have on the ATVs but often, the culprit is the apps that have big programming guides that they continually update. Think YouTubeTV, and Hulu. I believe both maintain a fairly large programing guide for future info.

I have gone into the ATV settings for background app refresh and turned off every app except for Infuse. That has caused my problems of clearing Infuse to drop a lot.

Screensavers take a lot of space too, so you can reduce how many are downloaded. And finally you can upgrade to 64GB. Might be Black Friday sales.

I don’t have LiveTV with Hulu, so no guide there. Background App refresh is only selected for Infuse. I haven’t been having a lot of resets lately as compared to before the advertised streamlining, but the fact that Infuse does such a perplexing poor job scraping the correct titles from TMDB as compared to my Kodi installation using the same API — and not just the TV shows I mentioned but with movies too, even, often in complete disregard of the year …. it’s super frustrating every time I have to rebuild.

Infuse could negate the whole problem by letting us back up our database to our servers that host our libraries. Doesn’t make sense I should have to pay Apple monthly for a few gigs of iCloud storage when I’ve got a 40TB NAS under my desk.

It also seems rather unwise to make it so easy for Apple — a mega-corporation in the business of producing and distributing expensive and proprietary media content after all — free unencrypted access to the index of our entire media libraries….

(I only started discovering how bad the movie scraping was when I started finding missing items from collections or searching movies by actor or director — because Infuse respects my .nfos and .jpgs for movies, the titles show up with the correct names and art work … it’s only with you dig in do you realize Infuse is using the metadata from completely different movies.

I have a ton of photos on my phone of the errors I’ll get around to posting at some point, when I figure out how to.)

My Infuse library currently consists of just under 3,000 movies and 6,400 episodes of TV which the app reports results in 2.6 GB of metadata on the completion of indexing. 32 GB should be more than enough space to run the four apps mentioned.

Yes it should. Have you checked how much free space is available though?

My AppleTV doesn’t seem willing to share how much free space it has, nor how much it is using. There is nothing in “About” apart from the model number (A1842) and installed memory capacity of 32GB. The only items list in “General / Manage Storage” are the following four items:

Infuse: 114.6 MB
YouTubeTV: 111.1 MB
YouTube: 105.5 MB
Hulu: 65 MB

Of course, Infuse reports holding 2.7 GB of metadata on completion of importing my library; so who knows where the heck Apple is pulling that “114.6 MB” figure from.

There is an app you can download. Something like tvstorageinfo or something. Can’t remember or check at the moment

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I believe they only show the actual size of the app itself, not the temp memory the app takes.

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Okay. Found the “TV Info” app. Not terribly helpful in that it doesn’t say what’s using the space but I’ll have to assume it’s screen savers … which of course Apple doesn’t allow you to delete.

So I’m going through the tedious process of trying to load up my device with data I will later be able to delete in order to force the screensavers to delete. Good times…

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