Doesn't Group TV show not in thetvdb

Hello, I can’t get a dvd series I have to group like a TV show. It isn’t listed in thetvdb. Furthermore it is more or less a hodgepodge collection of videos. It keeps show them as separate movies on AppleTV and iPhone in infuse. This is a 6 UPnP/DLNA Servers on my Asus router.

  • I have tried grouping them like a TV show
  • I have also tried adding custom xml metadata as in the documentation
  • I have repeatedly cleared the cash

Can anyone please give me some tips?

Thank you!

Unfortunately, this isn’t really supported.

However, since it looks like this is just a handful of files you may consider adding them to a playlist. To do this, simply open the video details page and select the Playlist option. Create a new Playlist (you can give the playlist any name you like) and then add videos from each ‘season’ to it.

I’ve seen another series work actually group, but I was not using season folders. The reason I am asking too group is because it also makes a mess of the all videos view.

The other weird thing to note is it does mark the items by season/episode. Its really weird.

Should I be trying to add this to thetvdb? アメトーク seems to group correctly and get an icon even though I can’t find it in either thetvdb or themoviedb.

Is this the series?

Yup. It looks like the categorized the talk show as a movie. That might be the right approach for for this children’s learning series. Thank you! Seems to be working roughly how I was aiming for

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Any idea on how I might go about organizing these two sets of Pixar shorts:

Each collection includes 12-13 individual videos. My issue is that most (if not all) of these shorts are listed under their respective collections, but TMDb also lists them as separate films. I don’t mind if they continue appearing as separate titles in Infuse Library, but I would at least like for them to appear under Collections as well - since this is how they were sold on DVD/BD.

It looks like you could use the TV show format and have TVDB combine these as one series with multiple seasons if you name the files in the SxEx format.

Just note, this is one of the “exceptions” that uses the year for the season number. :wink:

“Pixar Short Films S1984E01.mkv” would pick up the " The Adventures of André and Wally B." episode.

Here’s the TVDB page that gives all of the info.

Ahh this is relatively new, I don’t remember seeing it on TVDb when I first attempted this format years ago. Thanks!

The only downside to this is that I will have to search for it in TV Shows instead. There really should be a way to use this TV Series format for Non-TV items. It would especially be helpful for Shorts, Home Videos, and (eventually) Movie Extras

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Don’t thank me yet. :slightly_frowning_face:

I just remembered we’re changing over to TMDB for TV show metadata and they don’t have it.

What I’ve personally done is excluded them from my library by adding them to a separate folder and then added the folder as a favorite. TMDb doesn’t have a “show” for this so once we leave tvdb that might break.

I then created a playlist with all of the Pixar movies and shorts in order.

Until we get custom collections I don’t think there’ll be any other option. They’re not really related except that they are Pixar and shorts. More likely to combine the movie they went with as the collection, but TMDb is more picky about things than tvdb.

Good to know about leaving TVDb. Has anyone tried creating a Collection in TMDb? I feel like that might be the best move in this case.

To be honest I sometimes get a little thrown with the new Library & Search tabs because they definitely work a bit differently on Apple TV vs iPad. I watch on both, but prefer to organize with iPad.

I haven’t but if you were so inclined you may be able to add it to the TV section of TMDB to match what TVDB has and then the transition would be invisable.

Apparently there are lists but those aren’t support led by infuse

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I’m pretty sure treating it as a TV show is the best option. I just don’t know how the move from thetvdb to themoviedb will effect work at creating data. It also scares me a bit that the data might be arbitrarily deleted that we create.

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Speaking of unique media types. What is everyone’s preferred setup for Home Videos / Web Videos / Movie Extras / etc?

I typically just keep them OFF of the Library index, but it would be nice to find a good way to incorporate them. Otherwise what is the point of the Other category…

I only use it to show me which video files I have aren’t correctly tagged (as tv shows or movies). Making sure the others list has zero items in it is the first goal each time I add files or refresh the metadata. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

My 32gb A1842 AppleTV 4K just flushed all my metadata again overnight (Infuse Pro 7.2.1 (3874), even though I have unused Apps offloaded and the only active Apps installed other than Infuse are YouTubeTV, YouTube, AppleTV+, and Hulu. Grrr.

Looks like someone at TMDB nuked the Pixar Shorts “TV Show” listing … so now all 38 titles from the three volumes of the collection are orphaned in “Other” again.

Can’t we please start allowing the user to lock in their metadata so changes made elsewhere don’t blow up our collections? I’ve been bending over backwards to get my collection organized in a way Infuse will accept to minimize the amount of repairs I need to perform every time the app randomly decides to dump it’s metadata and throw away all my work; and when after doing your best to figure out how to get your titles configured so that Infuse finally plays nicely with most of your collection; to have something like this, out of your hands be allowed to f—- it all up is extremely frustrating.

Unfortunately these, as with other cartoons are mostly listed as short movies and not tv shows. The tv show listing should not have been created in the first place and came from someone used to tvdb categorizatiom. TMDb is more strict. I would recommend renaming them to match movie syntax. If you don’t want them polluting your movies section I would put them in a separate folder, exclude it from library, then add as a favorite or to a playlist.

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