Does 'Watched Indicators' setting work?

I cannot get rid of the hollow circle (unwatched?) and pie chart (partially watched?) corner tabs on the icons. I assume that ‘Watched Indicators’ should capture both of these corner dressings but changing it (and also clearing all metadata) has no effect. I always see those icons.

Does this setting work?
Are those little corner adornments not those indicators? How do I get rid of them?

This appears to be a bug which crept into the last update.

A fix will be available soon.

Thanks for the report.

A fix for this issue is included in today’s 6.3 update.

Thanks for your patience.

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It doesn’t work on my atv4 so far

Have you checked the version of Infuse on the bottom of the settings screen?

Of course i did. I’ve been waiting for this bugfix about a month.

It wouldn’t be the first time a user was looking for a fix to a problem that was addressed in an update and they checked and found their version had not yet been updated to the current version. :wink:

Edit to add: I just checked and with Infuse version 6.3 the “Watched Indicators” toggles the indicators in both List View and Poster View for me in the “On”, Off", “Movie Only”, and “TV Only” settings.

Can you describe the issue you are currently seeing?

Uh, what can i say… i don’t see round watched indicators near tv-shows. Atv4, latest wf and infuse v6.3.

Can you send in an image of what you’re seeing?

Can you also check to ensure the ‘Watched Indicators’ option is enabled in Settings?

Also, just to confirm, if an item is watched there will be no watched indicator overlay visible.

Switched language to english and foud this setting. In russian it is not very obvious.

I know James will probably chime in here but I know he’s always looking for ways to improve Infuse so what would you suggest to be a better Russian translation that would be easier to understand? I don’t speak Russian but it may help James.

«Индикаторы просмотренного» is the closest translation.

And btw, why this setting was turned off by default after 6.3 update? And I don’t really know why anyone need to be able to turn it off.

I’m not sure why it may have been turned off by default on 6.3 but to your second question many people do like the watched indicators but if you read the very first post in this thread, the original poster (along with many others in other posts) was wanting them NOT to show so there is the reason for having it as an option. :slight_smile:

The second sentence wasn’t a question, only my opinion :slight_smile:

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