does Tunnelblick work???

Hi, I’ve wasted probably close to 24 hours trying to get my damn ATV to connect properly to a VPN service. Still no luck, I have being trying for close on 6 weeks, I occasionally get an email from tech support but they are hopeless(I’m beginning to think it’s just one guy who doesn’t own an ATV and has never heard of either tunnelblick or ATVFlash!).
Here is the proccess I’ve tried, if any one can see where I’m going wrong I’ll email them a beer!
1 restore ATV to factory settings
2 update ATV to latest firmware (3.1)
3 download latest version of ATVflash
4 create USB patchstick and insert in ATV then reboot etc…
5 run smart installer
6 reboot ATV
7 update maintenance
8 install tunnelblick
9 download 5 configuration files from VPN vendor, rename the .ovpn to .conf
10 copy these files into ~library/openvpn
11 select tunnelblick from the settings menu in maintenance and press the right arrow on remote
12 enter VPN user name and password
13 select tunnelblick and wait for ‘enabled’

this all works fine, then 2 minutes after enabled it reverts back to disabled. I have looked in the console logs, via Nito etc and the the last entry is “cannot allocate TUN/TAP app dynamically

I have checked that my VPN config files work on a number of macs, they do just fine.

Any help would be great cheers Shteef

Which VPN service are you using?

I am using ‘hideipvpn’ which is a premium VPN service that offers openVPN compatible with Tunnelblick. They supplied me with five files, named :- ca.crt clientpremium.crt client premium.key ta.key and hideipvpn-uk.ovpn (I have changed the .ovpn to .conf).

cheers steve