Does the same file saved on 2 cloud services use one saved metadata?

I currently have 14,000 total media on Google Suite using up 4.4gb of metadata on my Infuse. I was wondering if I add another Google Suite with the same file structure and everything, does it redownload all 14,000 metadatas? Or does it use up the metadata from the 4.4gb stored on my device? The 2nd Google suite is just used as a backup incase I get playback errors from the first one. I plan on adding the same folders but leave the library items unchecked, unlike the first Google Suite which has all library items checked. Thanks!

I’m in a similar boat. My hunch is it does not but I have my backup G drive untucked in the library list so and I don’t want to test it because it just takes a damn long time with 30k+ files. I am curious to know the answer though :slight_smile: