Does the Plex plug-in work ?

I am very keen to have aTV Black… however… I will only buy this if I know for sure that the plex plug-in works.

I would like to update to the latest Apple firmware… if possible… but I would be happy to stick with  my 4.4.2 jailbroken

So… Ideally… I want to upgrade to latest firmware… jailbreak… and then install the plex plug-in.

Is this possible ?

i inastall atv black but there is no plex clinet over there.

and i have 4.4.3 and i try to install plex from the net and its now working for me…said the movie is ‘null’.

Plex is compatible with AppleTV 4.3 and earlier.

The Plex devs have yet to update it for the 4.4+ versions.

I have plex on appletv2 working fine,but you have to have it running on your pc/mac for it to show up working on the atv2  

Hi Richard,

can you share how you setup Plex?

FW 4.4.4 ?

i haven’t updated my tav since Jan I’m on 4.1
But all i did was downloaded plea on me mac and plea was already on atv2 but didn’t work,but when i put it on the mac all of a sudden it worked on atv2 

I’m on 4.4.4 and have set up 2 ATV2’s with ATV Black and Plex this week just fine (one brand new with 4.4.4 on and one with 4.2.1).  For 4.4.4 you will need to be running Plex for ATV 0.9beta4.

I just ran Seas0npass on both (which DL’d latest firmware and flashed it), then install ATVBlack and media player, then I installed Plex manually vis SSH as per the Plex for ATV instructions.

SSH into the apple tv User: root Pass: alpine and run the following lines:

echo "deb ./downloads/PLEX/" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/plex.list
apt-get update
apt-get install com.plex.client-plugin=

It is working fine for me except a minor issue where there is a problem with AC3 audio. Known issue, devs working on it for next beta version.

I just got my ATV (4.4.4), flashed it with seas0npass, installed the fire core system and then media player and Plex, currently at 0.9.0-0-b4. It’s been working flawlessly so far with whatever I throw at it. The media player, however, seems to have some issues with stuttering on certain HD content. No such issues with Plex. As others have noted, Plex requires that the Plex server is running on the system from which you are streaming content, which I’m guessing you know if you’re asking about it.