Does seas0npass wipe the ATV2?

I have some pictures on my ATV2 that I had imported from iTunes for the slideshow feature. I then proceeded to lose the originals. I’d like to recover these from the ATV2 but I think I need to jailbreak it first to enable SSH/FTP. My question is, can I jailbreak it using seas0npass without wiping the pictures from the device in the process? If not, is there any other way to recover the pictures?


Yes, you’ll lose the pictures if you jailbreak.

If you imported photos to ATV can you export (sync) to itunes?

I don’t have an unjailbroken ATV so I ask this question… have you tried to SSH/FTP to the device?

Yes, I’ve tried both SSH and FTP/SFTP and get connection refused with both. I believe this only gets turned on after jailbreaking. At this point I think I’d have to take it apart and remove the HD to get those pics. Bummer…

I haven’t tried this but see this article: