does not work well

Hi there. I purchased the ATV patch for my apple tv which is currently at software version 2.1

All I can say is, its been a disaster.

The various menus show up and my main aim was to be able to play DVD folders from my harddrive on my mac mini.

Sure enough nitotv seems to offer this with the network menu. In there were my computers so I attempt to connect as a registered user, bam, appletv crashes. Upon restart its terribly unstable so has to have the electric pulled and restarted again.

So I tried to connect as a guest and again, bam crash. It does this on all computers.

Also the menu seems to have turned to treacle.

Also back int he day on V1 when I dipped my toe into this, I had to enable various things which enabled the appletv to show up on my computers so I could add files manually. This does not appear to be around either.

I don’t mind spending £30 for software that works, but am feeling a bit ripped off right now*

*Yes I understand that in terms of the patchstick the install was successful, but I was hoping for a seamless apple type experience.

I also followed to the letter the FTP login to the apple tv using cyber duck, and the folders all show up but permission is denied when I try to put anything in the movies folder.

This is seriously frustrating.

The nitoTV network mount option needs to be enabled before you attempt to connect to your Mac Mini.

We have a guide for this at:

Thanks for that. Having followed the guide to the letter, transferring over the OSX file running the terminal and doing smart instal. I get the success message and reboot the machine.

However I still cannot connect to it using the finder.

But I can sort connect to other computers. However not via the bonjour and not via anything other than SMB, AFP/NFS results in a crash. SMB will sometimes work. If I put the computer to sleep and wake back up, NIto cannot find the mount any more.

All a bit frustrating to be honest.

AFP is only supported if you have one of the original Apple TV’s that came with the 1.0 software. Apple removed the AFP files on newer Apple TVs unfortunately.

You should be able to connect via Bonjour through Cyberduck. You can also connect via FTP. SMB is really only meant to be used for streaming media from a computer on the network.