Does not download and change artwork for movies

Hi. My AppleTV is connected to my external hard disk on my network. When I try to edit and choose the correct movie, Infuse does not download the artwork/poster. This happens to about 90% of my files. If I manually (on my mac) download the movie poster, and then edit and choose the correct movie name it changes the desired art work.
The blurred background shows the correct film and artwork by the way.
What am I doing wrong?
Otherwise a fantastic product

Do you have the ‘Embedded Metadata’ option enabled in Infuse?

If so, Infuse will use the embedded artwork instead of downloading/displaying artwork from TMDb/TheTVDb.

I have now turned Embedded Metadata off and still no change. Restarted AppleTV as well.
Update: Most movie folders contained a generic .jpg file. If I delete them manually and edit the film in Infuse, it displays the correct art work.
I still have to, it seems, do this to every single film. It does not do this automatic, in a single batch. Shame. But still better than yesterday.