Does Jaman work on 3.0.1?

I don’t seem to have Jaman installed after installing 4.02. Does this mean Jaman is not functioning with ATV current update?

If anyone has a way to make it work I would appreciate it. I have installed Boxee app for Jaman but I cannot obviously view rented material till Jaman can locate the ATV device - and it can only do that if there is software on ATV do that.

Same question. I’m new to atvflash, am running the newest version, and from what I can tell from the forum, there should be a jaman plugin available in the maintenance menu to be installed. According to the jaman forum and video on this forum the plugin must have been there at one point. What am I missing here?

Unfortunately Jaman is not yet available for the 3.0+ AppleTV software.

Any predicted timeline on a fix for this?

Newbie here, so am I correct that all of the information about Jaman on the aTV site is now wrong and there is no Jaman for aTV flash? I was following the aTV knowledge base directions re: installing Jaman and went to my aTV and found nothing.

Could someone from aTV please confirm why they would have an article on using Jaman on the site and not have it available.


OK When are we gonna see JAMAN again :?:

Or is there something I can do to install it or get it to work,



No one really knows when Jaman is coming back. The Jaman group has stated there are working on an updated version, but gave no timeframe for its release.

Well thats just great just leave Us P… in the wind - Hoping that they will get an Updated Version
Thanks for the answer. Im gonna eMail Support over there and see what the hold up is.


Ok it's been like a yaer since Jaman was on ATV!  I feel like I am gettting jiped out of some featurtes that were suppose to be included with ATVFLASH!



With the new Apple TV coming out I do believe that the support for the older (AND BETTTER APPLE TV), ATVFLASH Apple TV support will be almost at a stand still.


I hope I am wrong. Time Will Tell and we will see.



 - MIke157