Does Infuse use my Internet Data Bandwith when streaming

HI There , I have a question regading my internet data bandwith usage when streaming via SMB , My media is stored on NAS hard drives on my PC and my PC is connected to my internet via HOME NETWORK using WIFI. I have Apple TV Device and the Infuse 6 App installed. I would like to know am I using my internet data when watching the movies that are being streamed from my PC??
smb infuse

As i have checked my Data usage and this is what Windows is telling me?

Please advise?

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Nope, Infuse with an SMB share on a local WiFi network only uses the internet to gather the metadata for your files and once it does that it stores it local and backs up the textual data to iCloud so you don’t have to worry about streaming files locally.

Thanks , I tested the theory , I disconnected the WAN/Internet cable from my Router and I was still able to Stream at Original Quality - which tells me I am not using my internet data. Not sure why Windows records or logs this type of media streaming as “Data Usage” Though? as technically I am not using the internet?

I don’t do windows so I’m guessing that Windows still sees this as “Data Usage” regardless of the source. Does your internet connection plug directly into your Windows machine or do you have a router between the internet source and your PC? If you have a router the PC really doesn’t know about internet usage but it does know about data usage from itself.

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