Does Infuse upload anything to anywhere?

Just curious because I have had a massive surge in uploads since beginning (again) to use Infuse, and I dont torrent… I’ve checked connections to my network and they all look legit. If its not Infuse, I’ll keep hunting.

If you have iCloud Sync enabled that might probably be it (metadata).

As mentioned above Infuse does upload some data to iCloud but it’s minimal. Currently it only backs up textual metadata and some settings and preferences. It doesn’t currently back up artwork to iCloud so there really isn’t much. What are you calling a “massive surge”? Gigabytes? Terabytes?

Yeah its gigabytes, its 2-3x my downloads… I only have a 500GB data limit, and my monthly usage is usually around 200-250 but that’s no longer the case. I got a warning from my provider that I am already at 250 and the data month is only halfway through. The metadata wont be the problem unless its refreshing every time. TBH I thought that was stored locally. Anyway, that wont be it. I dont think anyone has found a way into my wifi, but I’ll change the password just in case. Thanks anyway, guys. I was clutching at straws.

If you have an iPhone or a Mac computer, you can see the size of the Infuse back up in iCloud. That would help narrow down things.

With iCloud Sync enabled, Infuse will sync limited data to iCloud. This isn’t much in terms of bandwidth, and generally happens only once when Infuse is first indexing your files.

FWIW, I have about 1,000 library item across a handful of saved shares, and my iCloud usage is 111MB.

Thanks all… its not Infuse. I dont back up to icloud, I only have the base package of 5GB. I’m now down to having disconnected all devices from my router’s wifi except for one, the iPad I use as my daily driver. I’ll have another look at the stats tomorrow.

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