Does Infuse Support...

Does it support pasting a link to STREAM a video?

I don't want to upload a movie to infuse and take up space.

I would like to copy the video link than paste it and start streaming.

OPlayerHD allows this but it's not a great player like infuse.


Thanks in advance.



I am not quite sure what you are looking for?   InFuse does support streaming from a network share but you do not do that by copy/paste of a link.    Instead you navigate to the share within inFuse and select the video you want to lay, rather like you do in OPlayer.

I think its called http streaming support.
Where within the app theres an option to open a url or link.
paste the link and the built in video player streams it.

Take a look at Oplayer HD, it has an option to open URL…
If infuse had this option I would delete all the other apps I have.