Does Infuse support WOL feature for waking PCs up remotely?

Hey guys,
I was wondering if I could wake up my PC (with Windows 10) remotely by Infuse? I’m using SMB protocol for streaming & WOL options are enabled in my computer.
I remember being able to do so in the previous versions of Infuse by simply opening any folder from Favorites then waiting for my PC to wake up & it’ll open the specified folder.
But now (even earlier in v5.8) the app keeps loading the folder then “An error occurred” message shows up unless I turn my PC on manually.
Thanks a lot for any help!

Infuse previously supported WoL, though due to some changes in iOS/tvOS 11, supporting this feature became more difficult and is something we can no longer enable manually.

We are hoping to look into bringing this back in the form of a manual option in a future version, but don’t have an ETA available just yet.

More info on this can be found in this thread.

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What about using the name of the networked device instead of the MAC address? Wouldn’t that resolve the issue?

AFAIK, the MAC address is required in order to use WoL.

Yeah, so does using the exact name of the networked device. In the above topic, you said we can still wake up the required device without WOL but I don’t know how.
Shouldn’t I just open some networked folder (using SMB protocol) & wait till the device wakes up & opens it? If so, that didn’t work for me.

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