Does Infuse support FLAC or not?


Does Infuse support playing FLAC files or not? The website says FLAC as supported audio, but .flac files are not shown in folders.

If it supports FLAC, how do you get the app to find them and play them.

I believe that FLAC is supported as an audio format when embedded in a video file. There is no support for free-standing audio files in the current version of inFuse.

It has been mentioned previously that support for audio files (I am personally interested in .mp3 files) may come in a future release, but with no indication of an ETA so I am assuming it is unlikely to happen in the near future. In the meantime I am using the FileExplorer app as a way of playing audio files. There is a free version so you could see if it plays the FLAC files you mentioned.

Thanks for the reply itimpi.

I have used the FileExplorer. It does play FLAC. The UI is not great.

I have been making some suggestions that would improve the way I use it.

However I do not see FileExplorer ever being as good as a specialist app as It is oriented around managing files, so I hope inFuse does add capability in this area.