Does Infuse support 3D?

I merged two .mkv files, one containing a 3D video and the other containing Atmos audio. The resulting merge created an .mk3d file. When I try to view the content on the Infuse app, it says “there is nothing here”. Does infuse not support 3D .mkv files? I heard on another post that you have to change the Apple TV 4k settings to 1080p which I did but it didn’t seem to make a difference. It still says “there is nothing there”.

First, I don’t believe Infuse supports .mk3d files. It’s not listed on their supported file types here. Infuse 6 - An elegant video player | Firecore

I do believe that 3D files are supported in .iso files but I don’t have any 3D files to verify.

As to Atmos, it is not supported in Infuse as this time and as far as I’ve heard, it’s not ready for prime time in any 3rd party apps. If you’re using OS 12 beta you need to disable Atmos for Infuse to get along with the beta.

Yes, I realize that Atmos is not supported on Infuse but I thought maybe 3D on .mk3d would be? I don’t know if I can convert to .iso from .mk3d or maybe there is another way?

Can you play your original 3D mkv file with Infuse before you converted it into a mk3d?

I don’t know since I merged the 3D and Atmos files which were originally .mkv. The whole point is to get Atmos with 3D which is not available with the the two files separately. All the other files I have using Infuse are .mkv and they work so I don’t see why they wouldn’t work in this case?

It looks like you’ll just have to wait till OS 12 is released and then the corresponding release of Infuse to see if they’ll be adding support for mk3d files. If you had kept a copy of the 3D mkv then you’d at least be able to see if that was readable by infuse but regardless, with no Atmos support currently in Infuse you’d probably end up with a silent movie or some version of 2 channel.

Sorry I couldn’t give you more info.

Try renaming the file from mk3d to mkv. As far as I understand the mk3d container is just mkv with an extra field defining the 3d material contained in the file. The mk3d extension is just to make it more apparent that it’s a 3d file. A bit annoying that Infuse can’t recognize mk3d files, but as renaming seems to work it’s no big deal.

Thanks, I already did that but there seems to be no streaming devices or blu-ray players that recognize it as a 3D file even when changing it to .mkv.

Infuse won’t play the mkv in 3D (3D isn’t supported on the Apple TV), but it still should play back the file in 2D. I think you messed something up. If you post the mediainfo output for the file I might be able to help more.

Yes, it plays back in 2D so all is fine with Infuse. I’m just still trying to get 3D to play in any other device I have but that won’t work.

I apologize, I thought you meant that Infuse wouldn’t play your 3D file as 2D since there is no 3D support on ATVs.

Sorry about the misunderstanding.

It sounds like you have a frame packed 3D file. Most hardware does not support this. I’ve found that the best way to handle this is to convert to SBS. I used DVDFab and I convert to a 4K SBS so that I preserve the entire 1080p frame per eye. I’ve compared this exhaustively to a regular frame packed Blu-ray and the result is practically IDENTICAL.

Infuse plays my 4K H265 SBS files brilliantly (and as of recently supports 3D subtitles and seek bar).

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Thanks, I tried to install but it doesn’t appear “Convert” is available in trial mode.

Yes, I bought it. It’s great.