Does Infuse save metadata locally?

I am just about to load several hundred new titles (tv and movies) to my library, and i wondered how themetadata gets loaded after first run. Its on ethernet 1gb to fast win10 machine acting as a server.

Is there a delay subsequent time when starting the app whilst it loads data, or is it cached locally to the apple tv?

I only have a few title on at the moment and just wanted to get an idea of what to exprct and how it stores the metadata etc.


I recently bought a new NAS and had to transfer all my files from one to the other. On initial load, the metadata will be downloaded again (implying it’s not cached locally). the time it takes depends on how many files you have and how fast you internet connection. I had 150 files and it took approx 30 mins to load all the poster art again. But your mileage may vary.

Metadata and artwork will be cached locally by Infuse on the Apple TV.

However, in cases where you add or replace a device, Infuse will need to re-download info for those files.

ok, so basically with a larger set as long as you have space on the apple tv you are set.

Yep. :slight_smile:

are we ever going to have the option to save our meta data in the cloud? I mean I have over 3800 movies, 259 TV shows, and 100 classic cartoons. And when I have to move my router, or do a clean install of my ATV4, it’s anoying to have to correct the meta data infuse tags wrong, or just waiting for it to load all together. This would save a lot ov time. JMO

Infuse Pro (v5) will sync manual corrections to iCloud, so once a correction is made it will be available to new or replacement devices - or if Infuse is removed and reinstalled.

However, if you remove and re-add the share or replace your source device, then Infuse will treat these videos as new and corrections will need to be made again.

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