Does infuse pro support Chinese naming folder?


I found that infuse pro seems not support Chinese naming folder.

----Chinese naming folder
----Chinese/English files
An error occurs while opening the folder.

----English naming folder
----Chinese/English files
This is fine.

Shall I have some advices?

Welcome to the forum!

Could you provide a few specific examples of how these folders and videos are named so we can test it here?

Thanks for reply.

For example:
----哈利波特(A Chinese naming folder)
--------Harry Porter I.iso
--------Harry Porter II.iso

Infuse pops an error message once I open the folder. Just an ‘Error’ without any info.

Thanks for the info.

Can I ask what type of device you are streaming from? Do you know which streaming option you are using (SMB, UPnP, etc…)?

Hi James,
I share my moives by NFS using haneWin NFS Server( which setup on a Windows 2016 PC.

Got it, thanks!

We have a number of major improvements for NFS coming in the upcoming 5.9 version, which may very well help with what is going on here.

Hi James,
The error still occurs after I update infuse to version 5.9.
Yet this time some error message display – ‘opendir call failed with NFS: Lookup of /哈利波特 failed with NFS3ERR_NOENT(-2)’

Are you using Windows 10 Professional by chance? If so, you can enable the native NFS server instead of using a 3rd party option.

This guide may help.

FWIW, in our testing we have run across quite a few server side issues with WinNFSd and HaneWin.