Does Infuse Pro from Apple TV carry over the iOS version?

So I too received the upgrade email, and on my AppleTV 4 I see the option for the Lifetime upgrade on my Infuse 4.3.7 Pro, however my Infuse app on my phone only has Infuse 5. If I upgrade to lifetime on my Apple TV, will it automatically upgrade my iOS version to lifetime on version 5? Both devices use the same Apple ID.

Yes, one purchase covers all devices (iPhone, iPad, iPhone).

I assume you meant “iPhone, iPad, AppleTV”? Just trying to get some clarity for this confusing pricing scheme, thanks!

Ha, yes sorry. :slight_smile:

iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV - and it will work with Family Sharing if you have others who’d like to use it.

More info on this can be found here.

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