Does Infuse on macOS quit completely?

I am using Infuse on macOS Monterey 12.5 on an Intel MacBook Pro 16" 2019, and I have a pretty large library.

Screenshot 2022-07-23 at 12.29.50

I quit Infuse via Cmd+Q. Then I click on the Infuse icon in the dock, and the app launches instantly, as if I didn’t quit it. I do mean instant, as if I didn’t quit the app. For example, if I am watching a video in Infuse, and then while the video is playing, if I press Cmd+Q, the app quits. But then I click on the Infuse icon and the app opens instantly on the video playing screen, instead of its home screen.

Is this a macOS Monterey feature, or an Infuse bug?

This is a macOS feature.

The app will continue to be semi-available to run background tasks for a few minutes after closing. If you quit and then wait awhile before relaunching, it will take a few seconds to launch (indicating it has been fully closed).

This thread may also be of interest to you.

Hello @james,

Thank you for your reply. I read the thread as well. So, Infuse is waking up my NAS along the process to check for updates? Are you sure this is a macOS feature? I mean, when an app is “quit”, it is off. At least that would be the expected behaviour. I see that you mentioned in the thread to add a setting to Infuse so that it doesn’t do Background App Refresh-like activities on macOS, but your comment was about a year ago.

Do you know how can I prevent macOS keeping Infuse alive and/or Infuse doing regular checks to my library? I am assuming you have a special service that is running in the background to do that, but I don’t know how/what that service is.

Would be great to have an answer on this.

Thanks again.

There is currently no setting to disable this, so it would be best to follow the other thread for updates.

I have a problem with infuse on my Mac which forced me to uninstall it just to make sure infuse was the root of the problem.

I use infuse on my Mac as a basic video player. I don’t need the library features etc.

Most of my files are stored on a NAS.

It looks, infuse is trying to make contact with the NAS server randomly, for example when I open it and even when infuse is running in the background!

My NAS is not 24x7 available for various reasons. Maybe for example I am located in a different network etc.

The problem I face is that macOS gives an error message that my NAS server is not available. The problem stopped appearing when I uninstalled infuse.

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