Does Infuse modify the source content?

I did some testing and measure (with a colorimeter) on video test patterns on Infuse, Plex, Home sharing app and LightSpace Connect (which is a TPG - Test Pattern Generator - app), all on my Apple TV 4K 2nd Gen (2021). The results were that the TPG app, Plex and Home sharing have the same outcome while Infuse doesn’t. In particular, except black and 100% white, measured values on Infuse are different on luminance (always brighter than what it should be/reference) and y (higher value than reference, which means more red/green or less blue). So the question is: why?
Does Infuse use a proprietary player/elaborate the source content? Thanks.

Yes, Infuse is a proprietary player.

You may want to run your test video through mediainfo and post the results here. That would help to answer your questions.

When you ask

Does Infuse modify the source content?

Do you mean does it actually rewrite the file on your server? If so, no. If you mean does it interpret the files differently than other players then yes for some cases.

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Of course I did not mean that. As the measured values of the patterns displayed via Infuse are different from the other apps, there must be some sort of manipulation (done by the proprietary player) slightly altering the original/intended output (RGB values of pixels), resulting in a ~5% brighter and slightly warmer picture.

There may be but without specifics of the file there’s no way to answer your specific question.

mediainfo returns information of the media file. If you want I may verify the difference with a pixel analyser.

This is interesting…and not so good if confirmed :grin:

Without knowing more details about the test content, the Apple TV settings, and the device you are connected to I can’t really offer an explanation for what you are seeing.

But it could it related to this, which affects certain content types.

No James, the test patterns (21 grayscale patterns - in 5% steps) I used are SDR. All of the TVs/monitors (LG OLEDs, Acer/Dell PC monitors) to which I connected my 2nd generation ATV4k give the same results: increase in luminance and y-values (in the CIE diagram) across all scale except 0 and 100%. Maybe some conversion matrix within Infuse’s proprietary player is incorrect, but that’s just my guess.

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The issue could be that Infuse internally converts video scale (16-235) to PC scale (0-255) and that causes a luminance mismatch in the final result. I’d run more investigation on that if I had the time…

I always had a feeling that infuse kind of do things differently. I remember seeing someone posted about something related to this from avs forum but I couldn’t find it anymore. Hopefully we’ll find out more soon. Thanks for the research @Anger

Pretty sure you’re talking to them.