Does Infuse for tvOS support deinterlacing?

Hi, I’m recording shows to my NAS with an HD Homerun which saves the mpeg2 transport stream. Unfortunately since it’s the raw feed, it’s 1080 interlaced which is noticeable when viewing it on a 1080p screen. Does Infuse have any kind of de-interlacing available? Thanks. Is there a search function on this forum? I can’t seem to find it.

Unfortunately not :frowning:

I do wish they would add even the simplest of deinterlacing support.

No, but many people including myself have requested it:

Out of respect for Infuse, I won’t name the competing app but there is an alternative to Infuse that does deinterlacing so it is doable on the Apple TV. It’s just a question of motivating FireCore to add it.

Yeah, I’ve tried that one and it certainly has a lot of options for the different methods of de-interlacing but all of them end up with significant artifacts that keep reminding you of it during playback. I found an old Sony Blu-ray player that also does media file playback and configured it to shoot 1080i to my display instead of the Apple TV’s 1080p. With the de-interlacing pushed to the display, it instantly looked great with no issues. So the real issue here is that I can’t set the Apple TV to 1080i. I wonder if it’s possible for Infuse to force the display to 1080i.